Kosovo’s Zombie Court Comes to Life: Feature Interviews, Episode 20

Maj Grasten (Udøver), Stephanie van den Berg (Producent)

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    We finally got around to talking about the Kosovo Specialist Chambers — or the Kosovo Court for short — with Maj Grasten. We met Maj at the annual meeting of the International Criminal Court, the Assembly of States Parties, and she is at Copenhagen Bussiness School and specialized in the Rule of Law missions so, the ideal candidate to spar with us about why the Kosovo court was set up.
    We spoke with Maj via Skype in December, and at the time things were very quiet around the court, leading Maj to dub it a ‘ghost court’. But last month things suddenly got a lot more interesting when prosecutor Jack Smith announced he was ready to issue indictments.
    In this podcast we talk extensively about the origins of the court which was conceived in the aftermath of the uproar caused by revelations in a book by former International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) prosecutor Carla del Ponte. In her 2008 memoir The Hunt, Me and War Criminals she alleged that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) harvested organs from Serb prisoners during the conflict in the late 90’s.
    Publikationsdato18 mar. 2020
    StatusUdgivet - 18 mar. 2020