I Am Man

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    I Am Man is a collection of philosophical reflections and poems on gender difference. It combines biographical experiences, philosophy, feminist thought, literature and art to reveal the interlinkages of language, body and being. The book explores the theoretical position of gender skepticism; specifically, the beliefs that gender does not exist and that gender is invisible (“I do not see gender”). Composed as a space with forty-six imaginations, I Am Man addresses the historical and cultural dominance of the idea of Man as the universal, as the invisible default-rule. The reflections, poems and exhibits represent the creative act of imagining the being and doing of man when one has biographically always identified as woman. Inspired by art and literary works and by the philosophical polemics about gender of Jacques Lacan, Joan Copjec, Audre Lorde and Judith Butler among others, the book represents an expressive and creative approach to investigating how gender manifests in the world. I Am Man invites us to playfully and critically question gender identity and the power of words.
    Forlag Ana Maria Munar
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    ISBN (Trykt)8799821079, 9788799821075, 8799821095, 9788799821099
    ISBN (Elektronisk)9788799821079
    StatusUdgivet - 2020