Human Resource Development in the Knowledge Economy: A Model for Analysing the Progress of Knowledge Development in Developing Country Firms

Sanne Lehmann Jørgensen

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    This paper addresses the crucial call for upgrading to more value-added production in developing country firms in the light of increased global competition and suggests that such upgrading demands a shift in focus from investment in technology to investment in people, knowledge and learning. In this line of thinking, the aim is to propose a model for analysing the progress of knowledge improvements in developing countries as an outcome of the management of human, social and organisational capital. In this regard, the paper considers relevant practices and strategies in the context of developing country firms, the challenges that effect firms and institutions in this process, and the appropriate level and method of the analysis.
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    ISBN (Trykt)9788792111012
    StatusUdgivet - 2007
    NavnCBDS Working Paper


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