Gift-Giving and Foundation-Owned Business

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    Current literature, discussions, and theoretical analyses of gift-giving practices owe a deep debt to the French anthropologist Marcel Mauss. Gift-giving is defined through the relationship between a giver, a gift, and a receiver based on the essential rules that regulate gift-giving; a gift has to be given, received, and reciprocated (Mauss 1990). These practices create social bonds and debts, which hold such relations together. Mauss emphasized that gift-giving is a total social entity (Mauss 1990, p. 7) – in other words, a phenomenon whose specific design plays a central part in defining and organizing society at large (Mauss 1990, p. 5).
    TitelEncyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics
    RedaktørerDeborah C. Poff, Alex C. Michalos
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    Publikationsdato22 okt. 2021
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    StatusUdgivet - 22 okt. 2021


    • Company philanthropy
    • Industrial foundations
    • Philanthropic industries