Getting a Grip on Business Models

Thomas Ritter (Udøver)

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“Luck is not a business model” – these are apparently the words of the American celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain. But if luck isn’t a business model, where does that leave us? In this podcast, you’ll meet Thomas Ritter, professor at the Department of Strategy and Innovation at CBS. He has researched companies, and how they earn money, for pretty well all his life, and he’s certainly the man to consult about Business Models. He will help us on our way to becoming a little wiser about how all kinds of developments in the world at large can have a huge impact on your business model – and through that, on your enterprise. In this episode, you’ll also hear some great examples of companies, such as Skype, that became very successful due to their alternative and innovative business models.
Publikationsdato9 okt. 2019
StatusUdgivet - 9 okt. 2019