Generational Succession at KALK

Camilla Nellemann (Producent)

Publikation: Bidrag der ikke har en tekstformLyd og/eller billed produktion (digital)Undervisning


This video case tells the story of how Mr Rasmus Jorgensen joined the family firm KALK in the 1990s and eventually acquired the company from his parents. As the owner-manager of KALK since 2002, Mr Jorgensen has expanded the business with more employees and products, diversified the client group, and embarked on an internationalization strategy. He hopes that KALK can continue as a family business. It is too early to know whether his 10-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son are willing and able to take over the company in the future. Moreover, given the increase in the company’s value, its operations in several countries etc, it will be difficult for the children to acquire KALK from their father in the same way as Mr Jorgensen acquired KALK from his parents due to financial and legal limitations.
Publikationsdato8 sep. 2017
StatusUdgivet - 8 sep. 2017

Bibliografisk note

Video case - Reference no. 317-0332-3


  • Owner-management
  • Family business
  • Ownership transfer
  • Long term planning