From Bored to Horrified: The Romanian Elections of 2020

Cornel Ban*

*Corresponding author af dette arbejde

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These were meant to be the most boring elections in Romania since 1990. Polls anticipated an easy victory for the centre-right coalition of the National Liberals (PDL/ EPP) and the liberal USR-PLUS (Renew Europe). Defying opinion polls however, the Social-Democrats (PSD) came first (29 percent), and the centre-right received substantially less than they had expected (25 percent for the National Liberals and 15 percent USR-PLUS). Most importantly, rather than yawns, observers got an unexpected scare: the far-right AUR (Alliance for the Unity of Romanians), a party few had heard of even during the campaign, got almost 9 percent of the national vote and are now strutting into the Parliament. How did we go from boredom to trepidation in only one day?
Publikationsdato11 dec. 2020
UdgiverFoundation for European Progressive Studies
StatusUdgivet - 11 dec. 2020