From Big Data to Big Business: Using the Research-based DataProfit Model for Data-driven Growth

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    Idea in Brief:
    Problem: There is an enormous profit potential for manufacturing firms in big data, but one of the key barriers to obtaining data-driven growth is the lack of knowledge about which capabilities are needed to extract value and profit from data.
    Solution: We (BDBB research group at CBS) have developed a research-based capability mapping tool, entitled DataProfit, which the public business consultants can use to upgrade their tool kit to enable data-driven growth in manufacturing organizations.
    Benefit: The DataProfit model/tool comprises insights of an extensive research project that has been developed and tested in a multitude of manufacturing organizations – thus making it both a proven solution and a new idea. Moreover, resources for the application of the model are freely available online.
    StatusUdgivet - 2017

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