Evolution of subsidiary competences: Extending the diamond network model

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    We extend the ‘centers of excellence' concept in the multinational corporation (MNC) literature to address the diversity and the multidimensionality of subsidiary competence and link such diversity to the host country environment. Using Rugman and Verbeke's (1993) diamond network model of competitive advantage of nations, we hypothesize the contingencies under which heterogeneity in host environments influences subsidiary competence configuration. We test our model with data from more than 2,000 subsidiaries in seven Western European countries. Our results provide new insights on the evolution of subsidiary competence and how MNCs can overcome ‘unbalanced' national diamonds by acquiring complementary capabilities across borders. Keywords: MNC environment, subsidiary competence configuration, industrial clusters, differentiated networks, subsidiary embeddedness.
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    ISBN (Trykt)8791815290
    StatusUdgivet - 2006


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