Encouraging Cases: Exploring the Potential of Critical Realist Case Studies of “What Could Be” for a Critically Performative CMS

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In CMS, debates on methodology have typically taken second stage to those on epistemology and ontology as the field embraced a plurality of methods. Recent work pushing for CMS to engage more strongly with mainstream theory, however, raises the need for a discussion on how to use methods recognizable to the mainstream in progressive ways. This paper seeks to remedy this lacunae by linking the concept of Critical Performativity (Spicer, Alvesson & Kärreman, 2009) to case study research and shows how case studies informed by Critical Realism (Easton, 2010a) can be generalized to “what could be” (Schofield, 2002). In this way, employing case studies in a progressive fashion may serve as a valuable means for a critically perfomative CMS to achieve greater impact through influence on mainstream theory building, business school education and management practice.
UdgiverCenter for Virksomhedsudvikling og Ledelse, Copenhagen Business School
Antal sider20
ISBN (Trykt)x656703708
StatusUdgivet - 2011