Embedded Structural Tensions in the Organization of Japanese Advertising Production

Brian Moeran

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    This essay examines embedded structural tensions in the organization of Japanese advertising production. Tensions arise from the fact that an advertising campaign, like many other creative products, is produced by motley crews of personnel from both within an agency contracted to carry out the campaign (an account team) and freelance professionals hired to assist in the creative work required (a production team). The structuring of advertising account teams in Japan, Europe and the USA depends on how accounts are distributed by advertising clients. The amount and kind of creativity displayed by photographers depends on advertising and the structure of fashion magazine publishing. Creativity itself thus depends on an unspoken set of institutional power relations that enables individuals to compete for recognition as being creative.
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    StatusUdgivet - mar. 2008
    NavnCreative Encounters Working Paper


    • Advertising campaign
    • Creativity
    • Fashion magazines
    • Photography
    • Japan