Digital Customer Experience: An Emerging Theme in Customer Service Excellence

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Purpose – The purpose of the paper is to examine how essential dimensions of digital customer experience (DCE) drive business performance.Methodology/approach – An empirical study is conducted to investigate the relationshipsbetween seven DCE dimensions and business performance. The conceptual model is operationalized by a structural equation model, and the model is estimated and tested by using the partial least squares method. A survey of 756 companies in Denmark forms the empirical basis for the study.Findings – The findings provide evidence that the seven DCE dimensions influence business performance. All seven DCE dimensions are essential in producing total customer experience, market performance, and financial performance.Research limitations – The study is limited to the seven identified DCE dimensions in Danish companies.Practical implications –The study has clear implications in terms of identifying and measuring the importance of essential DCE dimensions which influence business performance. Interesting differences appear between the seven indexes for DCE dimensions. The results can help companies to understand DCE and develop DCE strategies.
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StatusUdgivet - 2019
Begivenhed22nd QMOD-ICQSS International Conference on Quality and Service Sciences: Leadership and strategies for Sustainable Quality and Innovation in the 4th Industrial Revolution - Krakow, Polen
Varighed: 13 okt. 201915 okt. 2019
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Konference22nd QMOD-ICQSS International Conference on Quality and Service Sciences