Danske Bank: A History of the Bank Through 150 Years

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Danske Bank was founded in 1871 as Den Danske Landmandsbank (The Danish Farmers’ Bank) during a time of great economic, social and technological change and upheaval. With its tradition of cautious and conservative banking and credit policy, it has been part of all the major changes in society ever since. In ‘Danske Bank – A History of the Bank since 1871‘, professor of business history Per H. Hansen tells the story of Danske Bank’s development in close interaction with society, and how views of the bank have changed through the years, both in and outside the company. We follow the bank through more than 150 years of development and progress, and through two major crises where the bank deviated from its tradition of caution and the fundamental values on which it was built, and which have all made Danske Bank the bank it is today. The history of Danske Bank is the story of a changing world and the bank’s efforts to continuously evolve and adapt along with society, while being true to its own tradition.
ForlagStrandberg Publishing
Antal sider219
ISBN (Trykt)9788794418171
StatusUdgivet - 6 jun. 2024