Curriculum at the Interface: The European Higher Education Area and Copenhagen Business School

Charles T. Tackney (Redaktør), Mette Zølner (Redaktør)

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This Symposium presents curriculum design and content issues in a Scandinavian business school at its Centenary. The aim is an exploration of an educational institution at the interface of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) within the historical trends of the European Union. We hope this step will empirically document how the goals of the European Higher Education Area are functionally linked with the entrepreneurial sensibilities of administration, faculty, and administrative staff during the concrete operations of work. The series of presentations are framed between trans-cultural epistemological foundations in insight-based critical realism and inquiry into how the institutional entrepreneurs – the program directors – negotiate opportunities, risks, and tensions in curriculum and program implementation. Detailed case presentations take up curriculum effort to successfully engage issues of interdisciplinarity, use of text production as a tool in support of project and thesis writing, and the use of plurilingual content based teaching in a cooperative learning model for European studies. The history of one curriculum model initiated to educate better citizens, combining interdisciplinary methods with language instruction, whose features have endured and diffused throughout the business school, ends the presentation set. Symposium discussion will be designed to invite participants, from within the EU and beyond, to join in collaborative practitioner research for the EHEA future."
UdgivelsesstedBriar Cliff Manor, NY
ForlagAcademy of Management
Antal sider53
StatusUdgivet - 2017
BegivenhedThe Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017: At the Interface - Georgia, Atlanta, USA
Varighed: 4 aug. 20178 aug. 2017
Konferencens nummer: 77
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KonferenceThe Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017