Context Construction through Competition: The Prerogative of Public Power, Intermediary Institutions and the Purpose of Competition

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    This paper examines the relation between the evolution of statehood and institutionalised competition in the European context. The first half of the paper develops a historical-sociological view on the evolution of modern political power in the state form in Europe while the second half the paper reconstructs how the institutionalisation of competition as a specific type of policy tool which has been used by emerging modern states to establish its authority vis-à-vis competing claims to authority. It furthermore engages in an examination of corporatist and governance based attempts to respectively curb and expand the use of competition as a tool for organising social processes and the implications of the se attempts for the state of statehood.
    Antal sider26
    StatusUdgivet - 2014
    BegivenhedThe 2nd ITEPE Conference: The Institutional Transformation in European Political Economy: A Sociological Account of the Role of Competition in the European Social Economy - Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Danmark
    Varighed: 19 jun. 201420 jun. 2014
    Konferencens nummer: 2


    KonferenceThe 2nd ITEPE Conference
    LokationCopenhagen Business School

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