Competence, governance, and entrepreneurship: advances in economic strategy research

Nicolai Juul Foss, Volker Mahnke

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    This title illustrates modern economics. Because it informs strategic choices, it is relevant to business administration in general, and for strategic management in particular. Two dominant streams may be identified in the literature, namely the "competence" and "governance" perspectives on the firm. While there has been little direct discussion between the main proponents of these perspectives, both claim that they are reaching for a "strategic theory of the firm". Such a theory would not only shed light on the classical questions considered in the theory of the firm (e.g. why firms exist, what determines their boundaries and internal organization), but would also be helpful for informing strategy issues, such as understanding strategic flexibility, strategic options, and the sources of competitive advantage. This volume brings together prominent voices on competence, governance, and entrepreneurship to advance and stimulate economic strategy research.
    ForlagOxford University Press
    Antal sider339
    ISBN (Trykt)019925981x, 0198297173
    StatusUdgivet - 2000

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    • Industrial organization
    • Transaktionsomkostninger
    • Virksomhedens strategi
    • Theory of the firm
    • Virksomhedens vækst
    • Virksomhedens kompetencer
    • Iværksættere