Centre Sessions on Apprenticeship Training and Youth Unemployment with Clément Brébion: The Business of Society Podcast ; 10

Clément Brébion (Udøver), Sarah Netter (Producent)

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In this episode of BOS, Postdoc Clément Brébion takes us on a journey into the world of applied labour economics and the case of apprenticeship training. Many Western countries are struggling with high youth unemployment and are thus looking at the German apprenticeship system as a prime model to follow for smooth school-to-work transitions. But is this really the case? Does apprenticeship training pave the way into the job market and improve ones ability to be hired? Based on his comparative work looking at France and Germany, Clément sheds light on the peculiarities of introducing subsidies for promoting apprenticeships and firms’ hiring strategy upon completion of apprenticeships.
Publikationsdato1 sep. 2023
StatusUdgivet - 1 sep. 2023