Brøndby IF Football Club: Leveraging Sports Analytics

Simon Ruder, Philippe Mogens Helmbæk, Emil Holmenlund Nymand, Xiao Xiao, Ning Su

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Founded in 1964, Brøndby IF (BIF) was a professional Danish football club located in Brøndbyvester, in the capital region of Denmark, and had won eleven Danish championship titles. In 2015, BIF embarked on a journey of incorporating sports data into its organization and building its sports analytics capabilities. By the end of 2022, sports data had become an integral component of the club’s activities and had enabled BIF to establish itself as a leader in sports analytics in Northern European football. However, BIF and its analytics capabilities were contending with the ever-changing landscape of modern sports characterized by rapid digitalization and internationalization.

This case is suitable for graduate- and undergraduate-level courses on sports analytics, sports management, digitalization of the sports industry, and management of data analytics. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will be able to achieve the following:

Understand the current landscape of data analytics in the sports industry.
Learn about common practices related to the use of data in different sporting activities.
Identify the facilitating and inhibiting factors of developing sports analytics-related capabilities and implementing sports analytics.
Explore how the insights and lessons from integrating analytics into sports can be applied to other business contexts.
Publikationsdato12 jul. 2023
UdgivelsesstedLondon, ON
UdgiverIvey Publishing
Antal sider14
StatusUdgivet - 12 jul. 2023

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Case number: W33343