Alliance Capability as a Mediator between Experience and Alliance Performance: An Empirical Investigation into the Alliance Capability Development Process

Koen Heimeriks, Geert Duysters

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    This study centers around the way in which firms can enhance alliance performance through the development of alliance capabilities. Whereas most research has focused on inter-firm antecedents of alliance performance, research on intra-firm antecedents pointing to prior experience and internal mechanisms to foster knowledge transfer has only recently emerged. As little is known about how firms develop alliance capabilities, this study aims to uncover how differences in sources of alliance capability development explain performance heterogeneity. The data come from a detailed survey held among alliance managers and Vice-Presidents of 151 firms. The survey covers over 2600 alliances for the period 1997-2001. This study not only finds that alliance capabilities partially mediate between alliance experience and alliance performance, but also yields novel insights into the micro-level building blocks underlying the process of alliance capability development.Key words: alliances, learning, knowledge transfer, alliance experience.JEL classification: L14
    UdgiverCenter for Strategic Management and Globalization
    Antal sider43
    ISBN (Trykt)8791815142
    StatusUdgivet - nov. 2005
    NavnSMG Working Paper


    • Strategiske alliancer
    • Organisatorisk læring
    • Videndeling
    • Alliances
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Alliance experience