Agricultural Development in Zambia: The Role of the Foodprocessing Industry

Søren Jeppesen, Godfrey Hampwaye, Douglas Phiri

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    Food processing is important to the Zambian economy and entails a set of options for local firms to grow and create employment given the growth potential the country possesses in agriculture. This policy brief summarizes the findings of a study of 38 Zambian owned firms in the food processing industry. The study, which is the first of its kind in Zambia, reveals that a major part of the interviewed firms find that they have performed above industry average the last five years. A minor part states performance below industry average. Close to 80% of the firms views government and business associations to provide insufficient support to the sector. In conclusion, various ways forward are suggested.
    ForlagCentre for Business and Development Studies
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    StatusUdgivet - 29 okt. 2014
    NavnSAFIC Policy Brief