Addendum: Final Release of the CASMACAT Workbench

Mercedes Garcia Martinez, Michael Carl, Bartolomé Mesa-Lao, Vicente Alabau, Daniel Ortíz-Martínez , Philipp Koehn

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    This document is an extension of D5.4 as suggested in the second review report. It contains details about the implementation of the final prototype of the CASMACAT workbench and outlines the improvements of the workbench with respect of the previous deliverable 5.4.The objective of WP5 is to integrate the translation system and user interface and to develop the CASMACAT workbench. This deliverable shows the functional components of the workbench and describes their interaction possibilities in the last CASMACAT prototype. It also describes the most recent additions to the workbench.
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    StatusUdgivet - 2014
    NavnCASMACAT Project Deliverables

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    ICT Project 287576 Deliverable D5.4. Project funded by the European Community under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.