A Model of Switching Times for Rail Cars Equipped with Light Engines and Remote Control

Andreas Tanner, Kay Mitusch, Jens Weibezahn

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FlexcCargoRail is a technology project aiming to increase efficiency of freight railway operations, particularly, the segment of transport on the last mile and shunting operation. The basic idea is to enhance rail cars with rechargeable battery-powered engines and remote control, thus allowing to switch cars without use of a shunting engine. In this paper we provide an OR model aimed at measuring the savings potential of this technology. We find that this innovation is likely to become profitable. Moreover, we can determine an optimal share of FlexcCargoRail cars in the whole fleet. For several parameter values it turns out that this innovation is likely to be profitable already at a low share, so that the conditions for its introduction seem to be particularly good.
Antal sider13
StatusUdgivet - 2010
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