Vulnerability, Extraordinariness, and Sustainable Tourist Behaviour: Evidence from Visitors to Greenland

  • Elizabeth Cooper (Foredragsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


Greenland as a tourism destination offers numerous features which might appear contradictory in the context of sustainable tourist behaviour. Existing market research suggests that tourists see Greenland as both a ‘last chance’ and a ‘once in a lifetime’ tourism destination: perceptions which could both positively and negatively affect sustainable tourist behaviour. At the same time, market research indicates that most tourists to Greenland are well-educated and place high importance on sustainable travel, which would suggest a positive effect on sustainable tourist behaviour in the destination. This research attempts, firstly, to develop a deeper academic understanding of perceptions of vulnerability and extraordinariness in relation to Greenland as a tourism destination. Secondly, the study will examine the moderating effects of these perceptions on sustainable tourist behaviour in-destination in Greenland. Sustainable behaviours are identified by taking departure in local community values and priorities, in order to ensure the promoted behaviours are both relevant and desirable from the perspectives of local stakeholders. 10 qualitative pilot interviews were conducted with previous tourists to Greenland, and used to form a conceptual model which could be tested using a quantitative survey. At the time of writing, the survey is being developed, but it will be sent out to previous tourists to Greenland before the end of 2021. By April 2021 it will be possible to share preliminary conclusions from analysis of the survey results. The research contributes to academia as it deepens and complexifies understandings of last chance tourism, ‘extraordinary’ destinations and the ‘once in a lifetime’ trope. It also generates knowledge about the effect of these perceptions on sustainable tourist behaviour in-destination. The study offers deeper psychological insights into tourists who visit ‘extraordinary’ destinations, and their values about sustainability. On an industry level, results can be implemented by practitioners in polar and remote destinations to aid efforts towards encouraging more sustainable tourist behaviour.
Periode9 apr. 2022
BegivenhedstitelThe 7th International Polar Tourism Research Network (IPTRN) Conference and Community Tour: Polar Tourism and Communities of Practice: Experiences, Knowledge Building, Challenges and Opportunities
PlaceringUshuaia, ArgentinaVis på kort