Using Social Media New Progressive Party in Colombia: Presidential Election 2018

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Colombian model development in recent years has focused on neoliberal proposals such as trade liberalization, privatization and signing free trade agreements and cooperation. According to official data from the Colombian government, the macro-economic prospects for 2018 are positive although conservative.
President Santos signed in 2016 an agreement of peace with the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), however the transition from Colombia to post-conflict threatened by recent attacks ELN (National Liberation Army), which between other aspects continues its fight against poverty, exclusion and discrimination, conceptualized as internal colonialism.
The progressive political movement founded in 2011 and led by Gustavo Petro, later known as People Power Movement in Colombia, poses an alternative left for the presidential election in May 2018. According to social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook , etc.), Gustavo Petro poses a Human Colombia with social justice and lasting peace with equality and freedom. The progressive development model proposed by Gustavo Petro is opposed to Colombian neoliberal model, which has generated a "war" on social media between President Santos and the different presidential candidates in Colombia.
The aim of the paper ispresent and discuss the use of social media in the presidential campaign of New Progressive Party in Colombia ahead of the presidential elections in May 2018.
Periode20 sep. 2018
BegivenhedstitelVII CONGRESO: Nuevos partidos y nuevos escenarios en Europa y América Latina
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