Revitalizing Cross-cultural Management in a Globalizing World

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    Many business schools do not any longer offer courses in cross-cultural management, and many companies do not actively seek knowledge about how to manage global workplaces. Yet, cultural awareness and learning do not follow automatically from travelling abroad and being exposed to different cultures.
    In today´s globalized economy, still more people in both private and public organizations interact - virtually and face-to-face - with people with other cultural perspectives. Acting culturally intelligent has never before been as important in order to manage multicultural teams, build trust and develop commitment across different locations, and share knowledge despite of communication challenges.

    Keynote Speech
    Periode13 aug. 2015
    BegivenhedstitelThe 23rd Nordic Academy of Management Conference. 2015: Business in Society
    ArrangørNordiska Företagsekonomiska Föreningen
    PlaceringFrederiksberg, DanmarkVis på kort