Research End-User Participation in Academic Conferences as a Pathway for Practical Impact Creation

  • Rikke Kristine Nielsen (Paneldeltager)
  • Poulfelt, F. (Paneldeltager)
  • Anne Sophie Bisbjerg Lee (Paneldeltager)
  • David Budtz Pedersen (Paneldeltager)
  • Henrik Ryberg (Paneldeltager)
  • Tangkjær, C. (Paneldeltager)
  • Ulrik Schultz Brix (Paneldeltager)
  • Rickie A. Moore (Paneldeltager)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


This symposium explores the practical/societal impact opportunity and potential of academic conferences in theory and practice. The symposium offers new insights on the practical value-added of research end-user particiption in academic conferences based on concrete cases and new empirical research on the practical impact of research including a practitioner study trip to the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019 explored through survey data, participant and participating observation, interviews, written statements from practitioners as well as practitioner presentations. The symposium debates academic conferences as a pathway of practical/societal impact of research, the nature of practical/societal impact from practitioner participation in research conferences, the circumstances under which knowledge uptake can take place as well as the transfer of knowledge from a conference setting to everyday managerial practice
Periode10 aug. 2020
BegivenhedstitelThe Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2020: Broadening Our Sight
ArrangørAcademy of Management
Grad af anerkendelseInternational