New Frontiers in Corporate Political Activities, Business-govt Relations, and Nonmarket Strategy

  • Jordan Siegel (Paneldeltager)
  • Yilang Feng (Paneldeltager)
  • Daniel Blake (Paneldeltager)
  • Jin Hyung Kim (Paneldeltager)
  • Jingoo Kang (Paneldeltager)
  • Zhao Li (Paneldeltager)
  • Zeren Li (Paneldeltager)
  • Stuckatz, J. (Paneldeltager)
  • Mueller, M. (Paneldeltager)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


This presenter symposium explores research frontiers in the rapidly growing nonmarket strategy area, with a focus on corporate political activities and business-government relations. With five working paper presentations and feedback from two distinguished scholars, we strive to discuss 1) understudied aspects of firms’ active engagements with regulators and 2) how they lead to nonmarket strategy success vs. failure. By doing so, we plan to examine several theoretical and methodological approaches that have the potential to advance the study of corporate political activities in the nonmarket strategy area. This presenter symposium should interest scholars working on corporate political activities, business-government relations, corporate social responsibilities, stakeholder governance, international management, and social issues in management in both advanced economies and emerging markets.

Papers for discussion:
1) Lobbying for now or for the future: Evidence from post-policy lobbying after the regulatory shock / by: Jin Hyung Kim, George Washington University ; Jingoo Kang, Nanyang Technological University
2) Inter-provincial Chamber of Commerce and Firm Subsidy in China / by: Zeren Li, NUS ; Shenghua Lu, University of Hong Kong
3) Revolvers in the Corporate Elite / by: Jan Stuckatz, Copenhagen Business School ; Benjamin Egerod, Copenhagen Business School ; Michael Juergen Mueller, Copenhagen Business School
4) Economic Geography and Special Interest Entrenchment: Fracking Boom and State Campaign Finance / by: Richard DiSalvo, Princeton University ; Zhao Li, New York University
5) Strategic Argumentation and Quality Amelioration for Nonmarket Strategy Effectiveness / by: Jordan Siegel, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business ; Yilang Feng, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Periode7 aug. 2023
BegivenhedstitelThe Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2023: Putting the Worker Front and Center
ArrangørAcademy of Management
PlaceringBoston, USA, MassachusettsVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational