New Developments in Competition Theory and Policy

  • Joseph J. Cabral (Paneldeltager)
  • Peter G. Klein (Paneldeltager)
  • Cennamo, C. (Paneldeltager)
  • Annabelle Gawer (Paneldeltager)
  • Thomas Lambert (Paneldeltager)
  • Aija Elina Leiponen (Paneldeltager)
  • Geoffrey Manne (Paneldeltager)
  • Robert Channing Seamans (Foredragsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


Popular press and politicians across the globe are increasingly debating whether innovations to technology and business models are resulting in anticompetitive behavior in the marketplace. While there has certainly been increased attention at the Academy to digital business models, platforms, the internet of things, entrepreneurial finance trends, or artificial intelligence, whether these innovations have changed the nature of competition in the marketplace and whether they challenge existing theory and policy over competition is yet under-explored. Panelists will discuss network and scale effects, data as a key asset/differentiator, operation opaqueness, and endogenous user-specific utility as potential reasons that the way entry barriers are assessed, markets are defined, or consumer welfare is evaluated requires modernization. In doing so, we aim to provoke thoughtful research inquiry and theorizing around our understanding of what is different in the modern marketplace, how it impacts competition levels and consumer welfare, and the trade-offs to policy alternatives.
Periode11 aug. 2020
BegivenhedstitelThe Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2020: Broadening Our Sight
ArrangørAcademy of Management
Grad af anerkendelseInternational