Mitigating the Tragedy of the Commons in Scientific Publishing: Creating a Market for Information Systems Articles

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    Academic discourse relies on journal articles as the main vehicle of knowledge exchange and dissemination. Quality control of the articles is managed via a peer review process that is considered essential for the development of a cumulative body of knowledge that is valid and consistent. In recent years, it seems that the review capacity in the IS field has decreased and it gets harder to retain a sufficient number of qualified reviewers who can handle the Ever-growing flow of submissions. As stewards of digital technology in business and sociality, we should consider its untapped potential contribution to our publishing practices. In this panel, we will explore and debate the potential institutional, organizational, and technological approaches to mitigating the review process bottleneck and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of publishing in the IS field. In particular, we will revisit a ten years old proposal to adopt a market mechanism as a way to facilitate journal articles selection and appropriation.

    ECIS 2015 Panels together with: Michel Avital (CBS); Shirley Gregor (Australian National University); Dov Te'eni (Tel Aviv University); Virpi Tuunainen (Aalto University); Leslie P. Willcocks (London School of Economics)
    Periode29 maj 2015
    BegivenhedstitelThe 23rd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2015
    ArrangørWestfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
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