How to Study Women Entrepreneurs, Leadership, and Cultural Practies

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This workshop discusses how to study the business challenges of woman entrepreneurs. Research has shown that women entrepreneurs face several significant barriers. These include cultural atitudes towards women leaders, lack of access to capital and networks and not least work-life balance. Tradi?onal cultural atitudes often view women as being responsible for caring for the family and home, which can make it difficult for them to pursue entrepreneurial careers (Jennings & Brush, 2013); (Bullough, Guelich, Manolova, & Schjoedt, 2022).

Studies of entrepreneurs across cultures are still scarce due to the challenge of contextual knowledge, local culture and language (Nummela & Welch, 2006: 134). In this workshop we discuss how to study women entrepreneurs as business leaders. How do we get access to document their dreams and drivers as well as the work-life realities of women entrepreneurs? The methods include quantitative longitudinal and survey studies, and ethnographic methods of observation and interviews and focus groups.

Our experiences are from Portugal, Denmark, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Bali and Japan.
Periode11 dec. 2023
BegivenhedstitelThe 21st International Studying Leadership Conference: The Leadership Dynamics of Systems Change
PlaceringFrederiksberg, DanmarkVis på kort
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