EU Redistributive Politics: National and Supranational Determinants of Net Operating Balances

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    One of the main objectives of the European Union’s budget is to operate as a redistributive mechanism to counter-act the cross-national and cross-regional inequalities created by the common market. Despite the fact that the principle of ‘juste retour’ has traditionally limited the redistributive capacity of the EU, the net fiscal position of member states – what they pay to the EU budget minus what they receive from it – is remarkably diverse, and has changed over the years. In this paper, we investigate state behaviour in EU redistributive politics. More specifically, we seek to explain how and why the net fiscal position of each member state towards the rest of the EU changes over time. Using panel data analysis, we study the impact of a number of national and EU-level political and economic variables on redistributive dynamics in the EU. The analysis is based on a novel panel dataset containing the operating budgetary balance (OBB) of all the member states during the timeframe 1979-2014.

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    Periode27 okt. 201628 okt. 2016
    Begivenhedstitel48. Årsmøde i Dansk Selskab for Statskundskab 2016
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