Balancing Efficiency and Resilience in Management of Multi-modal Supply Chain

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The main focus of the Roundtable will be the trade-off between supply chain resilience and efficiency. In this context approaches to sustainability in supply chain management, innovation and technological development, collaboration and alliances and risk mitigation will be investigated.
It is important to balance supply chain efficiency and shippers’ ability to pay with the sustainability requirements of society, including the “social licence” to operate and the firm’s own corporate social responsibility commitments. Innovation in technology, including IT and the physical hardware of supply chains, and improvements in how supply chains are organised influence both their efficiency and resilience. Increasingly the risks associated with climate change, natural disasters, cyber-crime and labour disputes need to be assessed, audited and mitigated. To mitigate risks certain measures can be put in place ahead of time to accelerate recovery times. Collaboration between stakeholders is the key to recovery from disruption. Innovative ways to operate supply chains, through crowd-shipping, gain-sharing, logistics alliances and the sharing economy may also have the potential to make supply chains more resilient. The roundtable will examine organisational best practice and innovation to improve the competitiveness and resilience of multimodal supply chains.
Periode12 mar. 201813 mar. 2018
ArrangørInternational Transport Forum - OECD
PlaceringParis, FrankrigVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational