Antecedents and Consequences of Entrepreneurial Careers: Integrate Micro and Macro Perspectives

  • Scott Seibert (Oplægsholder)
  • Aleksandra Kacperczyk (Oplægsholder)
  • Leigh Mellish (Oplægsholder)
  • Teyi, S. (Oplægsholder)
  • Liwen Zhang (Oplægsholder)
  • Theodor Vladasel (Oplægsholder)
  • Siran Zhan (Oplægsholder)
  • Møller Larsen, M. (Oplægsholder)
  • Rocha, V. (Oplægsholder)
  • Amirali Minbashian (Oplægsholder)
  • Yu Wu (Oplægsholder)
  • Louise Lindbjerg (Oplægsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


This symposium focuses on the antecedents and consequences of an entrepreneurial career. Underlying this focus is the view that entrepreneurship is a career step along a career path as opposed to a final destination (Burton et al., 2016). Four studies in this symposium examine key issues relevant to different stages of an entrepreneurial career, including the pre-entry learning processes that shape entrepreneurial entry decisions and the type of venture founded, the impact of entrepreneurial experience on entrepreneurs' personality and skillsets, and former entrepreneurs' behaviors (e.g., turnover) and performance implications (e.g., innovation) in post-entrepreneurship wage employment. Implications for theory and practice will be discussed
Periode9 aug. 2022
BegivenhedstitelThe Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2022: Creating a Better World Together
ArrangørAcademy of Management
PlaceringSeattle, USA, WashingtonVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational