An Integrative Model of Internationalization Strategies: The Corporate Entrepreneuship - Institutional Environment - Regulatory Focus (EIR) Framework

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    This paper critically reviews the ownership, location, and internalization (OLI) model, and the Uppsala internationalization process (UIP) framework. Both the OLI model and the UIP model ignore to incorporate the insights of each other and fail to include corporate entrepreneurship in their analyses. We argue that regulatory
    focus theory can unify the managerial choice of internationalization between internalization and networking. In addition, host country institutions affect this managerial choice with regard to internationalization. Thus, we suggest that the inclusion of concepts such as corporate entrepreneurship, institutional environment, and regulatory focus in an integrated framework helps to explain firm internationalization.

    Presented together with Xin Li, CBS
    Periode3 jul. 2012
    BegivenhedstitelAIB 2012 Annual Meeting: Rethinking the Roles of Business, Government and NGOs in the Global Economy
    ArrangørAcademy of International Business
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