Academic Identities in Times of Change

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


Disciplinary identity is a recurrent theme in discussions of research and education in Information Studies as well as in the broader iSchool field. While most studies rely on quantitatively focused analyses of empirical evidence of the emerging Information Field, the discussion in this webinar will revolve around an analysis of disciplinary identity in Information Studies that builds on a qualitative approach with a focus on how we ascribe meaning to concepts related to disciplinary identity. This presentation will engage the ASIS&T community in an overview of the nature of a qualitative, interpretivist method using discourse analysis and discuss how this method has been used to tease out the “discourse of the weak discipline” that rests on the widely shared – but mistaken – assumption in Information Studies that the field must erect strong boundaries around a theoretically stable and unitary core. As shared assumptions are not just lying around in a field, waiting for a researcher to collect them, this talk will also aim to stimulate a discussion on how to identify shared assumptions in the field?
Periode18 okt. 2018
Sted for afholdelseAssociation for Information Science and Technology , USA, Maryland